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Knowledge maps reflect the geographical location of knowledge-based activities, facilitating the identification and study of the spatial agglomeration processes on the national territory and in particular the Valencian Community. The maps allow the network of relationships among all the agents that are part of the R&D system to be visualized, from research centres to firms.

The georeferencing and analysis of knowledge-based activities in the metropolitan area of Valencia is one of the aspects considered crucial in developing the strategy of the VLC/CAMPUS project in the Valencian Community. ABACO is working in this direction to be able to provide a complete map of the location of knowledge-based activities in the Valencian Community.


Scientific and technological network in the Valencian Community


Various initiatives regarding the location of knowledge have been identified in Spain and are shown below.


Map of R&D institutions in Spain

Science and technology parks in Spain

Map of ICTS (Singular Scientific and Technological Infrastructures)

Knowledge map for the Madrid Community

Innovation map for the Madrid Community

Research and innovation map for Barcelona/span>