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BBVA Innovation Center

The BBVA Group has created the Innovation Center, a place where the group concentrated its efforts and innovative developments. L to headquarters in Madrid has become a meeting point, a place to share and, above all, to listen and learn from the innovation ecosystem. Innovation and entrepreneurship are two strategic pillars for BBVA. Other offices in the U.S. , Mexico and Colombia.

This platform BBVA aims to inspire all those people and companies who understand innovation as a means of growth and want to share with others their ideas or innovative projects. Under this motivation, the BBVA Innovation Center opens its doors and offers a full schedule of activities and events. The visit of experts, panel discussions, workshops and meetings in addition to the opportunity to see first hand some of the innovative projects of the group.

The concrete result is a permanent activity center where creativity is encouraged and where ideas can improve the lives of people, are born, grow, combine and enrich to be realized.

     … Is a place where ideas become reality …

The Open Innovation model adopted by BBVA is a special sign of the group value assigned to the talent and people are where they are. Therefore, in addition to promoting an innovation network, opt for a group bonding with partners across different types of collaborations. They have formed a network of more than 10,000 experts around the world in innovation trajectories, skills, visions and heterogeneous methodologies.

Some of the projects and lines of work taking place at the moment are:

1. Big Data

2. Easy Bank

3. Abil

4. Virtual Assistant

At this time also promoting Open Talent 2013, a start-up competition of innovative technology-based projects

Besides this BBVA Innovation Center has two interesting blogs, Plant 29 and Entrepreneurs and magazine, Innovation Edge, available in different formats.

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