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European ICT Poles of Excellence Project (Information Society Unit – JRC)

The Information Society Unit carries out research aimed at providing robust, science-based evidence and policy options that support the widespread take up and effective use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in the economy and in society.  Related to the area of Digital Economy and ICT industry analysis the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies has developed the European ICT Poles of Excellence (EIPE) initiative.

Excellence is the result of high and balanced performance across all activities (ICT, R&D, Innovation and Business)

This project started in 2010 with the objective of setting the general conceptual and methodological conditions for defining, identifying, analysing and monitoring the existence and progress of current and future EIPE, as to develop a clear capacity in distinguishing those among the many European ICT clusters, benchmarking them with non-European poles, observing their dynamics and offer a thorough analysis of their characteristics.

There is a wide variety of products associated to this initiative. Some are listed below:

 Among the main results it can be highlighted the following: 

  • In Europe we can find 34 poles of excellence
  • The three top poles are Munich, London and Paris

More information about the project here.

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