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INNAC- Innovative actitude (FECYT)

INNAC: innovative approach that brings together the various initiatives developed FECYT to promote the culture of innovation in Spanish society.

FECYT innovative attitude as is the set of values, habits and attitudes that promote change processes based on knowledge, resulting in economic value generated and social.ç

This initiative is based on a model with three main rules are:
RULE 1. INNOVATION is linked to change and uncertainty
RULE 2. INNOVATION surrounding elements: culture, structure and PEOPLE
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Since the launch INNAC has launched various programs and Challenges innovative attitude, that lets us know from the consultation to the public what are the most important challenges of innovation and discover some firsthand experience of Spanish companies that have managed to overcome them. Another example is the innovative attitude Cities was the development of working dynamics between citizens, businesses, innovation agents and agencies, which led to ideas for improving the welfare of the area of ​​influence of the city: the city itself, its businesses and citizens.

 Currently INNAC has launched two new initiatives: the innovation chain and small are currando it. The first aims to teach and manage a project to develop innovative and creative talent fostering, strengthening the value of teamwork and sensitize students to current social problems. The second aims to encourage micro SMEs and freelancers, to change, novelty and training on basic aspects of innovation. All information:


La cadena de la innovación


Las pequeñas se lo están currando

Also in the Best Practices section of ABACO you will learn some of the companies “that they are working hard”.

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